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Refreshing VOSS Automotive: Writing a New Mission Statement

February 2, 2017


When VOSS Automotive, Inc., headquarters opened in Fort Wayne, Ind., in 1997, our team was small. Think less-than-5-people-small. Sharing ideas and collaboratively making decisions was simple – easy, even – and our focus on serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) was razor-sharp. And our mission statement reflected this:

It is the mission of VOSS Automotive, Inc., to engineer, manufacture and distribute line and connection products, which meet the needs of original equipment manufacturers of passenger cars and trucks, as well as construction and agricultural equipment in North America.

Our associates will assist our customers by using the latest innovative hardware and technology to develop products and systems that meet the quality, service and performance requirements expected of a world-class supplier.

Through these actions, VOSS Automotive, Inc., will maintain continued growth in the North American market.

This mission statement worked. It included who we served and how we served them. But it didn’t truly capture the ambition of our team, the spirit of our brand, or the community-mindedness of our co-workers, which has become an important part of who we are. 

Our refresh process was a collective one. Co-workers from engineering, manufacturing, administration and marketing were included. Some had been at VOSS just a few months, others had been with the company for several years. The important part, though, was that, together, they led the process.

“A good mission statement is not dictated by leadership,” said Eduardo Vultorius, CEO, VOSS Automotive, Inc. “A good mission statement starts with co-workers. It’s something they create, believe in and live by.”

Throughout the process, the team kept coming back to certain words they felt guided their daily interactions with each other, with customers and with community members. These words served as a set of common touchpoints to make sure everything we do speaks to a shared vision.

Creativity. Trust. Quality. Responsibility. Fun (This was an important one). Teamwork. Honesty. Tenacity. Integrity. Knowledge. Inclusivity. Passion. Dedication.

Based on these words – the feelings they stirred up and the vision they provided – the team came up with a new mission statement:

Value through Optimizing Services and Support: At VOSS Automotive, Inc., we develop innovative line and connection technology for the NAFTA market. Our collaborative culture embraces and empowers employees to provide exceptional service for our customers and our communities.

This is as simple as the team could make it, while hitting all the high notes: our scope, our audience, our passion and our razor-sharp focus on OEMs – and our community. And it’s been an illuminating, recurring factor in our day-to-day interactions.

While refreshing our mission statement may seem like a small thing, it’s what holds the VOSS brand together, and it’s made the team even stronger.


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