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Quick Connect Systems 270 and 271: Components for Thermal Management Applications

February 28, 2018

Quick Connect System 270

Quick connect system 270 features a compact design, making it perfect for applications requiring a simple contour, similar to a smooth tube with circumferential grooves. The system is especially suitable for use with thin-walled components, such as filigree cooling plates. It offers intelligent routing and sophisticated connecting technology for optimized performance in thermal management applications.


Quick Connect System 271

Quick connect system 271 is designed for applications where a form bore with an internally circumferential groove is necessary. It's especially suitable for use with thick-walled assemblies or valves. The connector disappears when plugged in because of the form bore in the assembly – meaning it doesn't require any installation space outside.


Key Features of Both Systems

Both quick connect system 270 and 271 offer key features:

  • Low system heights
  • Three-piece design for easy set up
  • Optional doulbe-lock feature for added security
  • Small axial distance for multi-connector applications
  • No cross-section changes for minimized pressure losses
  • Easily adaptable to cusomter-specific solutions

For both systems, VOSS can cost-effectively manufacture small serial volumes of prototypes (partly because of the three-piece design), as well as specially machined bodies that can be fully integrated into the component. These connectors can also be used in areas where special material requirements apply, like flame retarding or hydrolysis resistance. 

Download quick connect system 270 and 271 brochures for more information.


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