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Quick Connect System 246 NX: The New Standard for Line Connections

January 18, 2017

Seeking out, and implementing, new ways to minimize weight and costs, provide safe and pressure-tight connections, reduce connection times, and simplify manufacturing workflows is an exercise in willpower. It's tempting get caught up in the complexities of your equipment and your end-goals, and forget all about simpler solutions. But, sometimes, the simple solutions are the best ones.

So how do you solve these complex issues with a simply solution? Simply, look for the right quick connect system.

VOSS Quick Connect System 246 NX is the new standard for fuel and coolant, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), and hydrogen lines. Its three-piece design makes for an incredibly easy assembly, and it's miniaturized height makes it perfect for small and complex spaces. Additionally, the engagement between the 246 NX release clip and connecting profile allows for a 50 percent higher pressure resistance and pull-off force (compared to SAE J2044).

Schedule a product demonstration to learn more about system 246 NX.

Features of System 246 NX

  • Connecting profiles made of nylon or metal materials
  • Color-coded clip indicates fir-tree and tube sizes, or inlets and outlets
  • Clip can be rotated to eight difference positions for easy access
  • Single-hand, tool-free release
  • System height of 32mm (compared to 45mm of SAE J2044)
  • Perfect for electrically heated and coolant-heated connectors
  • Designed for optimal heat conduction

Technical Data for System 246 NX

  • Materials: Polyamide
  • Nominal size: 8 and 12
  • Design forms: Straight and elbow
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +120°C/+140°C
  • Working pressure: 10 bar (higher pressures possible)

Schedule a product demonstration (We call these Tech Days) to
learn more about  quick connect system 246 NX.

Schedule a VOSS product demonstration.


Updated: December, 2018


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