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The Perfect Combo For Space-saving Air Lines

February 9, 2017


Just as properly functioning air line assemblies are important, so too are properly functioning, space-saving assemblies. Often times, you have to choose one or the other: function or optimized design. But when both are equally important, how do you decide?

Well, now you don't have to.

At VOSS, we've come up with a winning combination for properly functioning and space-saving air line assemblies. And our combination has set the industry standard. It includes:

  • Quick Connect System 203
  • Extruded polyamide (PA) tubing for air-specific applications
  • Proprietary forming process for tight bend radiuses

VOSS quick connect system 203 is the lowest-profile connect system in the industry. Thanks to its compact design, you can rapidly and safely assembly air line systems. And, with minor adjustments, system 203 can be used in fuel and auxiliary systems. The connection is sealed against leakage and contamination via two O-rings, and a grip ring secures the tubing with no additional equipment.

We produce air line system tubing, according to customer-specified colors and DIN standards. The forming and assembly procedures use computer numerically controlled (CNC) processes for fabrication, as well as coordinate measurement machines (CMM) to validate gauging. This ensures consistency in part dimensions and ease of installation for every vehicle on the production line.

Additionally, a multitude of lines can be bundled and fully assembled for simplification of part numbers and cost reduction. And, we can capitalize on your existing structure and components to create something that meets your unique needs.

So, don't choose between funstion or optimized design.

Ask us about our space-saving  air line assemblies now.


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