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The Benefits of VOSS ES-4 Tube Couplings: Safety, Durability and Cost-effectiveness

August 31, 2017

The benefits of the VOSS ES-4 Tube Coupling System

Looking for a soft-seal tube coupling that guarantees safety, pressure resistance, durability and cost-effectiveness? We’ve got you covered.

At VOSS, we’ve specifically engineered the soft-seal ES-4 cutting ring coupling system for high-pressure applications, where additional leak protection is needed. Between the proven cutting ring couplings for standard applications and the 10° flared couplings for head loads and high stress points, the ES-4 covers the application range, offering numerous benefits.

Download the VOSS ES-4 tube coupling brochure to learn more.

Leak Prevention

The special molded seal in the groove on the cutting ring taper seals off possible leakage paths between the cutting ring and the connection piece. Additionally, the O-ring between the cutting ring and the tube eliminates leaks that can result from the slackening of the metallic seal. The result offers two-fold benefits:

  • Both soft-seals lie in the secondary area behind the proven metallic seal. Because of this design, dynamic and static loads are intercepted in the primary zones like at metallic sealing points.
  • The soft-seals are chambered in stable, gap-free installation spaces after the cutting rings are fitted. This prevents the extrusion of the soft seal, even at full system pressure.

Dynamic Loads

The soft-seals stop any medium that passes the metallic sealing zone when there’s an alternating pressure load. This arrangement of elastomer seals behind the metallic sealing zone ensures the alternating pressure acts only on the soft-seal after considerable damping. Because of this quasi-static load – which is lower than the operating pressure – you can expect excellent long-term stability of the elastomers.

VOSS ES-4 metallic- and soft-seals

Static Loads

Assuming that a leak develops in the metallic sealing zone while the assembly is exposed to static pressure loads, the full operating pressure would build up and act on the front of the soft seal. In such cases, complete enclosure of the soft-seal elements ensures reliable sealing.

VOSS Rings

VOSS tube couplings are the foundation for soft-seal couplings, which conform to DIN 2353/ISO 8434-1 standards. The cutting ring is supplemented by soft-seals fitted on the secondary side, and the reliable functional properties of cutting rings are unaffected:

  • When fully assembled, loading by bending moments is counteracted adequately by support from the broad contact area, and by the uninterrupted force transfer.
  • Additionally, the first and second cutting edges ensure a secure hold for tear-out protection in case of sudden pressure increases.

Safety Through Block Installation

The block installation of the ES-4 cutting ring offers a strong, gap-free enclosure of the final seal, and it ensures incision depth is limited – thus counteracting tube constriction when joining thin-walled tubes. It also makes over-tightening much more difficult.

Additionally, the cutting ring is specifically designed to achieve maximum elasticity, despite the block effect. This happens simply by pressing the molded seal onto the coupling taper, and because of the gap-free radial contact between the cutting ring and the outside tube surface around the O-ring seal.

The VOSS ES-4 Tube Coupling assembly positions

Economic Advantages

ES-4 couplings secure against leaks, and they offer many economic benefits:

  • Cost- and time-intensive corrective measures are no longer required, and production failures are avoided.
  • A uniform soft-seal system is achieved, so you can minimize the number of suppliers and orders required.
  • A stock of special parts is unnecessary because ES-4 couplings consist of DIN/ISO-connecting pieces and nuts.
  • Assembly procedures and tools are maintained, avoiding additional costs for training and new tooling.

Want to keep this information at your fingertips? Download the brochure!

Download the VOSS ES-4 Tube Coupling brochure


Upated: November 6, 2017


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