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Quick Connect System 241N for Electrically Heated SCR Lines

February 23, 2017

In a previous blog post, we introduced quick connect system 241N. It's perfect for connections to fuel and coolant, and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), lines – but it's even better suited for thawing electrically heated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) lines.

The demands on electrically heated SCR systems – and SCR systems in general – are escalating. The focus is guaranteeing a defined thaw performance for a broad range of vehicles and engines. Additionally, energy consumption and component weight have to be reduced. Not an easy task. Unless you have the right systems and components.

Benefits of Systems 241N for Electrically Heated SCR Lines

  • Controlled heating wire routing
  • Efficient heating of connectors
  • Notably lower thaw times
  • Notably lower heating power demands

Features of System 241N

  • Visual connection indication for subsequent assemblies
  • Optional secondary lock for additional visual connection
  • Even without secondary lock, the connection is completely functioning
  • Retaining clip can be assemblosh in four different positions
  • Perfect for pre-assembled lines
  • An electrically heated version is compatible with SCR systems
  • Additional applications and connections are possible

Download the product brochure to learn more about available materials and sizes,
as well as operating temperatures and pressures. 

Download my 241N brochure now!


Updated: November 6, 2017


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