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Get Reliable, Leak-free Hydraulic Connections with the VOSSFormSQR

June 20, 2017


Unfortunately, many hydraulic system leaks drip away company profits with unnecessary energy consumption, reduced equipment performance, decreased reliability, increased fluid costs… You get the picture. But an improved tube couplings offer permanent leak tightness.

You can sum up the main requirements for hydraulic tube connections in three words: safety, quality and reliability. And the VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system exceeds these requirements with its innovative, assembly-friendly design.

Download the VOSSFormSQR brochure for more technical information.

Maximum Load-bearing Capacity

The traditional method of forming metal tubes causes brittleness, but the VOSSForm 100 forming machine relieves this weak point. The machine forms a 24° contour at the end of a hydraulic tube, and the radius at the transition minimizes the notch effect, while the union nut and integrated clamping rings clamp the tube in place. This method prevents high reverse bending loads and absorbs the dynamic loads outside the critical area, increasing the pressure, load-bearing capacity, and resistance to breakage.

Sure Stop and Safe Assembly

Safe assemblies mean solid connections, and with the VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system, you get just that. During assembly, the face of the tube is pressed against the bottom of a standard ISO connecting piece, and when the nut is tightened, a noticeable increase in torque indicates a complete assembly. This eliminates under- or over-tightening and reduces assembly time.


Soft Seals Ensure Leak-tightness

Our use of soft seals in the VOSSFormSQR tube coupling system also offers considerable advantages over metallic seals. The soft seals compensate for any settling that occurs because of metallic loads, effectively preventing connection sweating. And a connection that’s completely leak-tight – even under the most stringent inspection – is more economical, demonstrates the quality of the products and protects the environment.

Designing the soft seal into the secondary section minimizes static and dynamic loads on the seal. The metallic primary choking of fluid flow by the tube face dampens alternating pressure loading effects, and when static pressure loads are applied, there’s a long delay before the pressure acts on the seal. This arrangement ensures long-term sustainability of the elastomer.

Products Benefits:

  • Increased security against leaks
  • Simple, easy assembly
  • Minimized maintenance requirements and costs
  • No need for stock of special parts with ISO connecting pieces

Learn more about the VOSSFormSQR!


Updated: November 6, 2017


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