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Cutting Edge Cutting Ring Couplings from VOSS: 2SVA and ES-4VA

October 4, 2017


Earlier on our blog, we introduced our VOSSFormSQR hydraulic tube couplings and our soft-seal ES-4 tube couplings, which are designed for high-pressure applications, where additional leak protection is needed. They guarantee safety, pressure resistance, durability and cost-effectiveness, as well as a number of other benefits.

To compliment these components, we’ve designed the stainless-steel 2SVA double-cutting-edge and ES-4VA soft-seal cutting ring couplings.

The 2SVA and ES-4VA cutting ring couplings are designed to ISO 8434-1 standards, and they are type tested and broadly approved. They also offer a number of different orientations, including straight, shaped, conical seal, rotary and swivel couplings and valves.

Download the VOSS 2SVA & ES-4VA tube couplings brochure now.

Additionally, the use of stainless steel meets the highest requirements of assembly and reliability, and both systems – the 2SVA and the ES-4VA – are compatible with tubes featuring outer diameters between 6 and 42 millimeters.

2SVA Offers Double-cutting Edge Technology

The 2SVA features double-cutting edge technology that gives you a new standard of safety, with the highest functional and process reliability.

The VOSS 2SVA cutting ring gives you a new standard of safety.

The first cutting edge produces a strong, raised material section that securely holds the tube in place, while the second cutting edge cuts into the tube to balance assembly forces and offers additional protection against higher vibration and alternating bending loads.

The elastic behavior of the 2SVA cutting ring maintains the pre-tension load applied by the assembly forces. It’s also designed to compensate for the settling phenomenon of the connection under dynamic loads and critical pressure peaks.

Because of this, the 2SVA is especially suitable for applications at higher vibration levels, and alternating bending stresses, with increased loading capacity.

ES-4VA Best for the High-precision Sector

The soft-seal ES-4VA offers maximum safety against leaks in the high-precision sector. And for applications with highly sensitive fluids, 100 percent precision sealing is imperative to economical process design – and protecting the environment.

The VOSS ES-4VA cutting ring is perfect for the high-precision sector.

There are four main advantages of using the ES-4VA:

  • It offers an additional precision soft-seal, made from FPM/FKM, in the secondary area, creating a labyrinth sealing effect between the cutting ring and the tube.

  • The hermetic encapsulation of the soft-seal prevents it from being pushed out when subjected to pressure-change loading, guaranteeing maximum elastomer service life.

  • It ensures safe assembly, thanks to the mechanical stop, making over- and under-tightening practically impossible.

Want to learn more about VOSS ES-4 tube couplings? Download the brochure here.



Updated: November 15, 2017


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