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An Updated Classic: Quick Connect System 203N

November 7, 2017

Several components make up a complete air ride suspension system: air springs, air lines, air fittings and more. But air fittings are where it's at. They're the main connection between the various components, and selecting the right air fitting can make all the difference. And so we updated a classic to meet customer needs.

The new VOSS quick connect system 203N is specifically designed for air suspension systems. It's made of corrosion-resistant material, features integrated tube stop for easy assembly and offers a space-saving construction. Also, you can rest assured it safely connects polyamide tubes and system components like valves, manifolds, multi-connectors and others, depending on customer specifications.

Download Quick Connect System 203N brochure for more technical data.

Quick connect system 203N consists of the male fittings (positions 7 and 8 in the figure below) and the sealing set (positions 1– 6). It can be screwed directly into a current standard profiled bore, or alternatively, a metal profiled bore of system 203N can be used.

VOSS Quick Connect System 203N parts assembly

Functional Description for System 203N

  • The polyamide tube is inserted into the quick connector up to the tube stop.
  • The inserted tube is sealing against the medium by O-rings (position 4).
  • A second O-ring (position 1) prevents the ingress of dirt.
  • The grip disc (position 6) holds the inserted tube in the connection.

Technical Data for System 203N

  • Working pressure: 22 bar max.
  • Burst pressure: ≥ 45 bar
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +100°C (250h at +120°C)
  • Available sizes: NS 4 with thread size M 8x1; NS 6 with thread size M 10x1

You can easily download this information, and more, to keep in your working files.
Just click the offer below, and we'll send you brochures with product features and assembly instructions.

Download the VOSS Quick Connect System 203N brochures


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